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How do I start slalom?

Breadalbane Canoe Club is committed to providing an entry path to slalom for any aspiring young athlete. However, entry is restricted to P.5-7 to allow opportunity to develop the required skill levels by mid secondary. Ideally, paddlers will get a taste for kayaking from attending Club Pool Sessions or from taking part in a introductory kayak course with a partner provider. Introductory courses are held once a year around Easter-time. To then access the slalom programme paddlers must be able to paddle and be comfortable capsizing on white water. Send us an eMail if you need further details.

What equipment will I need to start?

Initially none - see our Slalom Equipment page to get more details.

What levels of ability are catered for?

The Club currently run training sessions with groups at Introductory (Div 4), Intermediate (Divs 3/4), Slalom 3 and Slalom 2 (Divs 2/3) and Slalom 1 (Div 2 and above) levels. As well as achieving the appropriate divisional level, Intermediate paddlers must be comfortable on the middle section of the Grandtully course, while more advanced paddlers must have the confidence and technical ability to make any move on any part of the Grandtully rapids. Progression to the next level is entirely at the discretion of the coaching staff. Once into Div 1 paddlers may apply to join the SCA Performance Programme.

What commitment is required?

Young people taking part in the training programme are expected to attend the regular training events and as many competitions as they can, in accordance with their ability. Paddlers who are irregular at training and/or not attending competitions can expect to have their place passed on to someone else. All paddlers are expected to follow our Participation Code .

What progress is expected?

We recognise that young people are all different and that individuals will progress at different rates. However, our Talent Development Pathway provides the overview of progress in an ‘ideal world’. Young people who start slalom later than P.6 must realise that they will have to make consistent effort in training to ‘catch up’ with this pathway. With commitment to training and attendance at competitions this is definitely possible.

Do I have to join the Scottish Canoe Association (National Governing Body)?

Once you start taking part in competitions, yes, as a Full Member - Junior U18. If you take part in a competition before you are a member, you will need to pay a £5 day membership fee to cover the insurance element - this is redeemable against the cost of membership if you join within the same calendar year.

Does it cost to enter a competition?

There is an entry cost at every competition, details of which are available on and in the British Canoe Union (BCU) Slalom Yearbook, posted free to all SCA members and available for free from the Organisers at most competitions. Example current (2014) Junior prices are:

Div 4 £5.00 for a one day event, £8.00 for a weekend event. Div 3 £8.00 for one event, £13.00 for a weekend event.

Except for Div 4, entry cards must be completed and sent off with fees at least 2 weeks BEFORE the event, otherwise a late entry charge will be levied and acceptance is not guaranteed. Details of the event organisers from or the Yearbook.

Where do I get entry cards from?

“Control” at events can provide entry cards for any Div 4 paddler who needs them. See also for more options or another parent may be able to assist.

What do I do if I get promoted?

If you gain promotion at a Div 4 event, follow the instructions on the back of your promotion certificate. For promotion to all higher divisions, see

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